* AUSSIES INTERNATIONAL * -connecting Aussies worldwide-

A grassroots community network for "every Aussie expat" …connecting Aussie expat communities – internationally! (#ForEveryAussieExpat #AussiesIntnl #KiwisWelcome)

… c’mon in – the more the merrier !

So chances are
we’re working with (or looking for)
a group/groups in your location
for you to connect with
(- in addition to our international/regional groups)

(… or, if our search yields no fruit, are in the process of creating one for you!)

How can I help?  Great question !

Here’s your chance to help influence the future!

– 3 options –

  1. Tell us who+where you are so we can let you know as soon as a group is ready for you
  2. Let us know if you’re interested to help (& how you can help)
  3. Suggest a group to be included in the Aussies International community network

… do please also feel free to contact
our community network’s coordinators

using the comments field in the form below…

… remember, this info is simply to ensure we effectively connect with you
& provide you with relevant details of activity convenient to you

– the more complete your response, the easier our task,
& the better your experience!

(Any information provided will not be shared with or sold to 3rd parties.)




globally !

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